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Risk of HBV Reactivation in Patients Infected with HBV/HCV Treated with DAA

Malgorzata Pawlowska 1 , * and Krzysztof Domagalski 2
Authors Information
1 Department of Paediatric Infectious Diseases and Haepatology, Faculty of Medicine, Nicolaus Copernicus University, Bydgoszcz, Poland
2 Centre for Modern Interdisciplinary Technologies, Nicolaus Copernicus University, Torun, Poland
Article information
  • Hepatitis Monthly: August 2017, 17 (8); e12317
  • Published Online: August 4, 2017
  • Article Type: Review Article
  • Received: April 30, 2017
  • Revised: May 30, 2017
  • Accepted: August 28, 2017
  • DOI: 10.5812/hepatmon.12317

To Cite: Pawlowska M, Domagalski K. Risk of HBV Reactivation in Patients Infected with HBV/HCV Treated with DAA, Hepat Mon. 2017 ; 17(8):e12317. doi: 10.5812/hepatmon.12317.

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1. Context
2. Evidence Acquisition
3. Results
4. Conclusions
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