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Norjizak Injection: A Critical Risk for Transmitting Blood-Borne Infectious Diseases

Zahra Alam Mehrjerdi 1 , *
Author Information
1 Iranian National Center for Addiction Studies (INCAS), Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, IR Iran
Article information
  • Hepatitis Monthly: April 01, 2013, 13 (4); e8272
  • Published Online: April 6, 2013
  • Article Type: Letter
  • Received: September 22, 2012
  • Accepted: September 24, 2012
  • DOI: 10.5812/hepatmon.8272

To Cite: Alam Mehrjerdi Z. Norjizak Injection: A Critical Risk for Transmitting Blood-Borne Infectious Diseases, Hepat Mon. 2013 ; 13(4):e8272. doi: 10.5812/hepatmon.8272.

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