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Review Article
Mohammad Saeid Rezaee-Zavareh, Khashayar Hesamizadeh, Heidar Sharafi, Seyed Moayed Alavian
Recurrence of hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection after liver transplantation (LT) can be prevented, using antiviral therapy and new treatment regimens. Combination of protease, NS5A, and NS5B inhibitors, with or without pegylated-interferon and ribavirin (PEG-IFN/RBV), results in significantly high rates of sustained virologic response (SVR) among post-LT ... read more
Research Article
Heidar Sharafi, Mehri Nikbin, Seyed Hoda Alavian, Bita Behnava, Seyed Moayed Alavian
Hepatitis C virus (HCV), as a global health concern, has infected around 1.6% of the world population. Introduction of direct-acting antiviral regimens such as sofosbuvir/ledipasvir (SOF/LDV) made the treatment of HCV infection superior to previous HCV antiviral therapies in terms of efficacy and feasibility. The current study ... read more
Research Article
Hongyan Wu, Yu Wang, Ping Gong, Xiangyuan Huang, Xichang Zhao, Weiping Zhu, Qingwu Jiang, Yihan Lu
Prevalence of hepatitis C virus (HCV) in voluntary blood donors (VBD) in China has decreased progressively. However, it was still higher than those in developed countries and some developing countries.A total of 38952 VBD in Shanghai, China, were recruited in the study. The donated blood specimens were ... read more
Research Article
Bahareh Amirkalali, Masoud Reza Sohrabi, Parvaneh Rahimi-Moghaddam, Ali Esrafily, Ali Gholami, Payam Hosseinzadeh, Hossein Keyvani, Farzad Shidfar, Farhad Zamani
De novo lipogenesis (DNL) increases in NAFLD and nicotinamide phosphoribosyltransferase (NAMPT) up regulates two essential enzymes in this pathway. On the other hand, NAMPT function could be affected by the promoter region polymorphism and sex hormones.This study explored the association of -4689 G/T polymorphism in the promoter ... read more
Research Article
Birama Diarra, Abdoul Karim Ouattara, Florencia Wendkuuni Djigma, Tegwinde Rebeca Compaore, Dorcas Obiri-Yeboah, Lassina Traore, Serge Theophile Soubeiga, Prosper Bado, Justine Yara, Virginio Pietra, Paul Ouedraogo, Alain Bougouma, Rokia Sanogo, Jacques Simpore
Hepatitis B virus (HBV) can cause chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis, and hepatocellular carcinoma. Coinfection with hepatitis C virus (HCV)/HBV leads to a higher risk of liver damage. Development of HBV awareness campaigns could reduce the prevalence of this disease and limit the consequences.The aim of this study was ... read more
Research Article
Maryam Moini, Mohammad-Reza Pahlevan-Sabagh, Seyed Mohsen Dehghani
Acute liver failure (ALF) caused by a sudden loss of liver function in patients without pre-existing liver disease is a rare condition and one of the emergencies in the field of hepatology. The common etiologies of ALF vary in different geographic areas and the course is highly ... read more
Research Article
Mingkuan Su, Huijuan Chen, Yongbin Zeng, Tianbin Chen, Jing Chen, Ling Jiang, Can Liu, Bin Yang, Qishui Ou
The CIITA plays a pivotal role in immune response by controlling HLA class II gene expression, and NTCP is a functional receptor for HBV. These variants may affect outcomes of HBV infection.The aim of this study was to determine the association of CIITA and NTCP gene variants ... read more
Brief Report
Maemu Petronella Gededzha, M. Jeffrey Mphahlele, Jason T. Blackard, Selokela Gloria Selabe
HCV NS5B is a major target for drugs that directly inhibit viral replication. Naturally occurring mutations that reduce susceptibility to NS5B inhibitors have been reported.The present study aimed at screening treatment resistance mutations in the NS5B region in South Africa.The study comprised 42 NS5B sequences (amino ... read more
Masood Ziaee, Morteza Hajihosseini
Kazi Nadim Hasan, Md Abdul Khaleque, Nahian Anjum Shejuti, Tanzila Wasi, Sohidul Islam

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