The optimal dose of ribavirin for chronic hepatitis C: From literature evidence to clinical practice


Ludovico Abenavoli 1 , * , Marta Mazza 2 , Piero L Almasio 2

1 Department of Experimental and Clinical Medicine, University Magna Gracia of Catanzaro, [email protected], Italy

2 Gastrointestinal and Liver Units, DI.BI.M.I.S, Policlinico, University of Palermo, Italy

How to Cite: Abenavoli L, Mazza M, Almasio P. The optimal dose of ribavirin for chronic hepatitis C: From literature evidence to clinical practice, Hepat Mon. Online ahead of Print ; 11(4):240-246.


Hepatitis Monthly: 11 (4); 240-246
Article Type: Review Article
Received: November 6, 2010
Accepted: January 25, 2011




Approximately 170 million people worldwide are chronically infected by hepatitis C virus (HCV), which can result in progressive hepatic injury and fibrosis, culminating in cirrhosis and end-stage liver disease. The benchmark therapy for untreated HCV patients is a combination of pegylated interferon-alpha (PEG-IFN) and ribavirin (RBV). Several studies have suggested several potential new approaches to improve HCV therapy-optimization of the dose and duration of RBV therapy, accompanied by careful clinical management, is crucial in ensuring the greatest likelihood of a long response to therapy. RBV causes serious side effects, but in clinical practice, there are no alternatives for the treatment of HCV infection. Based on our results, weight-based doses of RBV are advantageous for genotype 1-infected patients, but its success in genotype 2- and 3-infected patients is unknown, particularly for shorter treatment durations.
Keywords: Hepatitis C virus; Ribavirin; dose-response

  • Implication for health policy/practice/research/medical education:
    This review will focus on the role of ribavirin in the therapy of patients with chronic HCV infection. In particular its mechanisms of action and the efficacy of the optimal ribavirin dosing strategy, to achieving the primary goal of sustained viralological response. Introducing the new treatment regimen for HCV and role of ribavirin against virus is interesting for all clinicians, hepatologists and infectious disease specialists.
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    Abenavoli L, Mazza M, Almasio PL. The optimal dose of ribavirin for chronic hepatitis C: From literature evidence to clinical practice. Hepat Mon. 2011;11(4):240-6.

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